Riverbank Landing



Site Plan

Riverbank Landing – Designed with our community

Boudreau Communities is pleased announce that a new application for the rezoning of the Riverbank Landing site has been submitted to the City of St. Albert for review. We would like to thank the many St. Albertans who have put in the time and effort to share their values and priorities with us, helping to make the design of Riverbank Landing a better fit for this community. This new application is the result of five months of public engagement activities. We heard St. Albertans’ comments about the height of the buildings, the site layout, and the traffic, and have worked to improve all those elements while still ensuring that Riverbank Landing will be a landmark destination offering shops, restaurants, services and premium living options that embrace all the natural beauty St. Albert has to offer.

Riverbank Landing Redesigned

Riverbank Landing, a Live, Work, and Play development, has so much to offer all of St. Albert and surrounding area. The redesigned Riverbank Landing offers St. Albert:

  • Unique choices in quality living options
  • Access to boutique shops and professional services
  • Ease of access to the best of nature in the river valley and the Red Willow Trail System
  • Amenities include a destination restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, ice cream stand, and a delectable food trucks
  • Beautiful outdoor green gathering spaces,  gazebos and viewing decks

Community Input shaped Riverbank Landing

Changes from original application

Heights and Transition

  • Reduced height by 50% was 100m, now 50m max
  • Moved building heights away from single family
  • Increased transition from single family to multi-family


  • Reduced suite count by over 20% was 466, now 360 max
  • Reduced commercial by 20%-35%


  • Increased setbacks

Sun Shadow

  • Reduced Shadows

Site Coverage

  • Increased setbacks
  • 28% buildings
  • 48% public and green space
  • Extensive underground parking
  • Retain perimeter green space
  • Public walkways, park, seating & activity areas

Riverbank Landing Turns a private estate into community access to the river valley.

We’ve Kept the Best!!!

Access to Greenspaces and Outdoors

This begins with pocket parks and a village square connected by on site walking paths for all of St. Albert to enjoy. Boudreau Communities will work with the City and the Province and attempt to connect the Red Willow Trail System on the north side of the river and add a launching point or dock to the river.

The Comforts in Life

A signature destination restaurant is still a big a part of Riverbank Landing as well as cafés, gourmet shops and the boutique shopping experience. And to provide the supports we need in life professional, medical, health and spa service will still have a place to set up shop.

Highlights of Riverbank Landing

  • Maximum building height of 50 meters and that is only in one area
  • Single family townhomes and a 3 storey building provide a transition between existing homes
  • Retail and professional services for convenience
  • A destination signature restaurant
  • Coffee and gourmet shops, ice cream stand, food trucks
  • Lush outdoor green spaces
  • Pocket parks, a Village Square to meet friends and family
  • Kids play area, fire pit area, entertainment platform, seating areas
  • Access to nature in the river valley and connection to the Red Willow Trail System