Riverbank Landing

Life In Balance

A master planned, walkable community with the right balance of premium character residences, restaurants, boutique shops, entertainment, wellness and professional services and abundant access to nature, offers a healthy, modern urban lifestyle.

This balance is Riverbank Landing, a mixed-use development situated on the banks of the Sturgeon River Valley on Bellerose Dr. St. Albert, AB.

A vibrant, family friendly place to call home, set up shop and develop relationships. A place to meet up with friends, enjoy a meal, window shop, grab a coffee, sit, relax and unwind. A place to take in nature and breathe…Life in Balance

We all want to live our best life and do what’s right for the environment and those that come after us…Riverbank Landing makes that a little easier.

Share Your Ideas With Dave

Let your voice be heard. On June 9th, 2021 a Public Hearing will be held for our rezoning application. Riverbank Landing has much to offer St. Albert. If you would like to show your support email Dave for more information.

Hear firsthand about the inspiration for a Live, Work, Play community.